Shahid Afridi

Tears of Hope
‘No religion is higher than Humanity’
Urdu calligraphy – کوئ مذہب انسانیت سے بڑا نہیں
A tribute to Mr.Adbul Sattar Edhi in conjunction with the Shahid Afridi foundation.
Made up of 913 Swarovski Crystals and semi precious stones, 22ct gold leaf, mixed media, hand dyed velvet and hand dyed silk.

“Honoured to have your valuable contribution with your amazing artwork Raanaz Shahid raising £2000 for 5 waterwells on behalf of Shahid Afridi Foundation” – Shaheen Zaman-Khan, Shahid Afridi Foundation

“Raanaz Shahid Beautiful works of art. Thank you for the support” – Mr Shahid Sheikh OBE’ Shahid Afridi Foundation

“Thank you for all of your support! Your contribution to the event was invaluable too. We loved the artwork” – Saima Khan, Shahid Afridi Foundation